Tales of an accidental life? (16)

Copyright © 2020 Denis Scott. All rights reserved. The M.V. Maihar The Seaman’s Discharge Book is an official record of a seaman’s service, along with the seaman’s card it is a requirement for every employee on a merchant ship.  The captain of the vessel signs and stamps the book at the start and end ofContinue reading “Tales of an accidental life? (16)”

London – March 2020

Visited London for London and South O.U.P.S. Day Conference at the London School of Economics and made a short five day break of it O.U.P.S. stands for the Open University Psychological Society. It’s main purpose is to provide academic resources for O.U undergraduate students although it also includes members who have graduated (including myself). ThisContinue reading “London – March 2020”

7 Questions With Author Denis Scott — Esther Rabbit

Denis Scott is an indie author currently writing under the name of E. D. Robson. He is in his sixties lives in the U.K. and is retired (on and off) having left school to work for a few years as a merchant seaman on cargo… The post 7 Questions With Author Denis Scott appeared first… 7Continue reading “7 Questions With Author Denis Scott — Esther Rabbit”

Tales of an accidental life (2)

At sea at last Copyright © 2019 Denis Scott. All rights reserved. The continued story of my experiences as a navigating cadet in the British Merchant Navy. My first ship, the M.V. Port Chalmers sailed from Barcelona leaving my first (and to date only) experience of Spain behind.  It was, together with its sister ship,Continue reading “Tales of an accidental life (2)”

The Enduring Story of Siegfried

Originally posted on Kristyn J. Miller:
Toward the end of my college years, it came time to select a topic for capstone research. Despite my university’s focus on relatively recent works, I found myself gravitating toward medieval epics outside of the English canon. This was likely informed by a lifelong love for fantasy—when I’m really…