My Non-fiction

Current, forthcoming and future non-fiction books being published under by own name

Tales of an Accidental Life is the story of my experiences and travels as a (pretty unsuccessful) young deck cadet in the British Merchant Navy in the early 1970s. Not a particularly heavy book on the technical side (I wasn’t very good at it at the time let alone 40 plus years later) it describes a series of adventures from the U.K. to the Middle East, the Pacific and other areas.

Current Project –

Further Tales of an Accidental Life. This is the story of my years following the merchant navy period detailed in my previous book. This book covers 30 years as a police officer in a provincial police force in England. Progress has been somewhat slow due to a combination of other commitments and my need to reflect on the sensitive nature (in regard to others) of some of my experiences.

Planned for the future

The forms of Capital sort of carries on the autobiographical theme of my non-fiction so far. On my retirement from the police, between various teaching and training roles I enrolled on a PhD study into Higher Education & Social Justice linked to the concepts of human and cultural capital. After many years I ceased my research (unsuccessfully), but have decided to utilise my interest in capital to write a layman’s guide to the subject.

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