My Fiction Books

Details of my published and forthcoming fiction books published under the name E. D. Robson.

The Irrelevant One Saga

The Drunken Weed – Book One of the Irrelevant One Saga

A romp across the multiverse. The Drunken Weed, a Mesopotamian Goddess and her brother-in-law, the Irrelevant One, a male English Call Centre employee flee through time and space after she fails an assignment to assassinate him. Pursued by her uncle, the Raging Storm they visit an alternative Mexico where they escape her being sacrificed by an Aztec god, a Neanderthal camp and a future Mars colony among other places. On route, they have two children and he collects a second wife.

Don’t upset the Cat – Book two of the Irrelevant One Saga

Gesh and John’s adventures continue as they search history for their lost children, coming across Edgar Allan Poe and Bastet, the Ancient Egyptian Cat goddess amongst others.

The Banshee at the Bus Stop – Book three of the Irrelevant One Saga

The now young adult children of John and Gesh discover a distraught Banshee waiting at a London Bus Stop and so another adventure begins. Includes dragons, a genie, a church that worships a green recycling bag, the burning down of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and a preacher’s wife who becomes president of the United States, plus a visit to William Shakespeare.

Are You Sure She’s The Tour Guide – Book four of the Irrelevant One Saga

Trapped in their rural English home by the pandemic lock-down, our heroes decide to alleviate their boredom with a local mystery tour through time. However, the tour firm may have a hidden agenda.

The Souleater Witches

A light-hearted adventure. Young student Edgar Bright experiences a total life change when he is tricked into taking part in an induction test for Millie Souleater, a probationer witch attempting to join her family’s coven.

The Witchfinders Mistake: The Souleater Witches Book 2. Angela, the Souleater’s cousin is mistaken for a member of their coven and seized by the witchfinder who intends to burn her at the stake. A rescue mission in an imaginary world follows.

Coming Next

The Singing Broomstick: The Souleater Witches Book 3. Jones the Taxi, a witch from the Wales and Merseyside Coven has been seduced by the lead singer of a heavy metal band. The Souleater coven and friends come to her rescue.

The Alien Librarian Series

Monica with a ‘K’ saves the world – Book One of the Alien librarian

Monika, a shy librarian in a small English town wakes up naked in a dentist’s chair having been kidnapped by two alien rodent spies disguised as Chinese dentists who mistake her for a famous American blogger of the same name. Things go downhill from there.

Monika saves the Universe – Book two of the Alien Librarian

Monika and friends are transported to the alien planet of Atlantis, to a society unchanged since before the civilisation of the Ancient Greeks. Sparks fly as Marxism meets the Aristocracy and Feminism meets the Patriarchy.

Planned to follow

Monica with a ‘K’ Intergalactic War Criminal – Book Three of the Alien librarian

Labelled and pursued as a war criminal, Monika has to flee across the universe.

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