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My Books;

Details of my published and forthcoming books.

Will Monika with a ‘K’ save the world?

A shy librarian wakes up naked and genetically modified having been kidnapped by two rodent aliens disguised as Chinese dentists, she steals a coat from a charity shop to escape and gets arrested … and so the adventure begins …

The Drunken Weed: Book One of the Irrelevant One Saga

A romp across the multiverse. The Drunken Weed, a Mesopotamian Goddess and her brother-in-law, the Irrelevant One, a male English Call Centre employee flee through time and space after she fails an assignment to assassinate him. Pursued by her uncle, the Raging Storm they visit an alternative Mexico where they escape her being sacrificed by an Aztec god, a neanderthal camp and a future Mars colony among other places. On route, they have two children and he collects a second wife.

Don’t Upset the Cat: Book two of the Irrelevant One Saga

The continued adventures of John Berwick, the Irrelevant One and the mother of his children, sister-in-law, Mesopotamian goddess and one time would be assassin, Gesh, The Drunken Weed, as they and their comrades search the multiverse for their kidnapped children. Encountering Edgar Allan Poe, the Emperor Nero, modern Neanderthals, witches, a cat goddess and 1920’s gangsters among others as they discover the purpose of Pandora’s box. A light hearted examination of history and the purpose of life.

The Banshee at the Bus Stop

A lost banshee found sitting in the rain at a South London bus stop by the twin children of John Berwick, the Irrelevant One and Gesh, the Drunken Weed starts another adventure involving a visit to a magical world where our heroes are joined by a wingless fairy amongst others, plus a visit to William Shakespeare, a period as marriage guidance councillors, a new church worshipping a recycle bag, a battle against a genie and dragons. A humorous ramble through fantasy, mythology, romance and historical time travel.

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