Ten Thousand Steps a day

I have recently decided to hopefully improve my overall health by aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day. I realize that this is a fairly arbitrary figure, but it does make a target to aim for. I have been striving for this for about two months and by my standards, have been fairly successful so far.

As a daily endeavour, time and cost restrictions mean that I cannot travel to areas of outstanding beauty every day. Although the Derbyshire Peak District National Park, and the National Forest are within driving distance. The views from my own home certainly cannot be described as scenic, as it faces the M1 motorway fence only yards away. However, there are a number of attractive walks within a five mile radius. In addition, living on the edges of an urban area, and having the time available, I have discovered that I can often leave my car in the garage and walk to most of the services I require (pubs, shops, etc.). An added bonus is that being on foot restricts impulse buying. It’s just not the same, snapping up those bargain priced bottles of wine when you have to carry them home on foot.

Below are pictures of one of my recent walks, Elvaston Castle (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvaston_Castle for information of the location) on the outskirts of the City of Derby. A short drive for me, although in the summer I may attempt to walk to it if my stamina and speed increase sufficiently.

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