Hello, my name is Denis Scott and I am a self-published author currently living in the East-Midlands region of England between the cities of Derby and Nottingham. I am one of those people who have always wanted to write and having arrived at my 60s and facing some major changes in life, plus with the introduction of self-publishing on a large scale I have been given the opportunity to indulge myself and hopefully, entertain my readers. (It was that or sing and you don’t want to hear me sing!).

Apologies for the photo, (yes, I really am this ugly)

My books to date include two fantasy/syfy series, published under the pen name E. D. Robson. ‘The Irrelevant One Saga’ a light-hearted series of short fantasy books about the adventures of Gesh, the Drunken Weed, her brother-in-law John (the Irrelevant One) and their friends and family, plus ‘The Alien Librarian’ about a shy librarian kidnapped by aliens (the second book of which should be out before the end of the year).

I have also written a memoir of my life at sea in the merchant navy when a young man, and hope to follow it up with a memoir of my years as a British police officer. My non-fiction is being published under my own name.

I have numerous other ideas to try once my life becomes more organised, including writing historical fiction and non-fiction, plus other pieces about various sociological and psychological subjects I have an interest in. It will also give me an outlet for the years I have spent studying as a hobby. A lot will depend on what, if anything my readership finds enjoyable. I hope that you find something to interest you in my musings as I travel along this road. My intention is to discuss my ideas and interests in blog posts from this site in oder to gauge any interest and response.

Please feel free to contact me with any observations or comments as to my work and interests/opinions, although I am used to talking to myself it is nice to know that someone is occasionally listening. Details are on the contact page.

Thanks for your patience,

Denis Scott 21/06/2020

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