Influential book – Here, Away from it all.

HERE [away from it all]

HERE [away from it all] by Polly Hope

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fantasy book set on a Mediterranean island where, after some cataclysmic event, locals revert to ancient beliefs to the detriment of tourists trapped there. I actually first read this book many years ago as a young man when I found it in the library of an oil tanker I was working on. It has always remained in my memory as I found it uplifting in a thoroughly depressing way. You keep expecting some rescue to arrive and turn things round but, just like real life often is, the tide never turns, until in the final pages all hope is lost. A very brave non-engineered conclusion written at a time when such things were rare in popular fiction. I believe, but can’t be sure that this may be one of only a small number of works published by this author.

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Jools Holland

Just been to see Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Band at the Royal concert Hall in Nottingham. Also singing with them was Eddi Reader (lead singer of a band called Fairground Attraction some years ago for those too young to remember) and Ruby Turner. They were absolutely brilliant boogie woogie as always (seen them live at least six times now), as were the supporting act, Emma Hatton and her band (never heard of them before but very impressed)

Who am I?

Good question. I am a man in his sixties, living in the English East Midlands between Nottingham of Robin Hood fame and Derby, the home of Rolls Royce aviation engines. I have worked in a number of jobs over the years, from being a trainee navigating officer in the early seventies, on oil tankers and dry cargo ships, going through both the Panama and Suez canals and visiting a number of countries including Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

I have also, amongst other jobs worked as a trainer and teacher over the years, most recently teaching psychology and humanities at a local school and sociology at a college, plus training software systems, numeracy and various other subjects to adults. I now do supply work at schools when I have the inclination and indulge myself in my first passion, writing.

I also try and go swimming four times a week which is why, as a late bird I appreciate the freedom of being able to write when it suits me.

My First Blog Post


This is the first post on my blog as a self-publishing author. Thanks for visiting (apologies for the photo, unfortunately I’ve never been very photogenic).

My name is Denis Scott although I publish under the name of E.D. Robson. I have chosen to do this as I am currently writing fantasy novels but may choose to add other forms of fiction or even non-fiction in the future under my real, or another name.

I will be using this site to include information about my writing, such as ideas, progress and giveaways plus anything else that catches my attention. I welcome your questions and responses (although talking to myself is not a new experience to me).