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London – March 2020

Visited London for London and South O.U.P.S. Day Conference at the London School of Economics and made a short five day break of it O.U.P.S. stands for the Open University Psychological Society. It’s main purpose is to provide academic resources for O.U undergraduate students… Continue Reading “London – March 2020”

7 Questions With Author Denis Scott — Esther Rabbit

Denis Scott is an indie author currently writing under the name of E. D. Robson. He is in his sixties lives in the U.K. and is retired (on and off) having left school to work for a few years as a merchant seaman on… Continue Reading “7 Questions With Author Denis Scott — Esther Rabbit”

The Enduring Story of Siegfried

Originally posted on Kristyn J. Miller:
Toward the end of my college years, it came time to select a topic for capstone research. Despite my university’s focus on relatively recent works, I found myself gravitating toward medieval epics outside of the English canon. This…

8 Days – German T.V. Show

Being a late to bed and late riser, I am sat here watching my T.V at 2 a.m. in the U.K. (GMT) having just watched episode 5 of a sub-titled German thriller called 8 Days which is being shown on the Sky Atlantic channel.… Continue Reading “8 Days – German T.V. Show”

Influential book – Here, Away from it all.

HERE [away from it all] by Polly Hope My rating: 5 of 5 stars A fantasy book set on a Mediterranean island where, after some cataclysmic event, locals revert to ancient beliefs to the detriment of tourists trapped there. I actually first read this… Continue Reading “Influential book – Here, Away from it all.”

Jools Holland

Just been to see Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Band at the Royal concert Hall in Nottingham. Also singing with them was Eddi Reader (lead singer of a band called Fairground Attraction some years ago for those too young to remember) and… Continue Reading “Jools Holland”

Who am I?

Good question. I am a man in his sixties, living in the English East Midlands between Nottingham of Robin Hood fame and Derby, the home of Rolls Royce aviation engines. I have worked in a number of jobs over the years, from being a… Continue Reading “Who am I?”

My First Blog Post

Welcome! This is the first post on my blog as a self-publishing author. Thanks for visiting (apologies for the photo, unfortunately I’ve never been very photogenic). My name is Denis Scott although I publish under the name of E.D. Robson. I have chosen to… Continue Reading “My First Blog Post”