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Ten Thousand Steps a day

I have recently decided to hopefully improve my overall health by aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day. I realize that this is a fairly arbitrary figure, but it does make a target to aim for. I have been striving for this for about… Continue Reading “Ten Thousand Steps a day”

London Visit – December 2022

Victoria & Albert Museum – Hallyu! The Korean Wave Exhibition – Christmas Tree by designer Miss Sohee Victoria & Albert Museum – Hallyu! The Korean Wave Exhibition The Design Museum – Surrealism and Design Exhibition Covent Garden Trafalgar Square

New Fantasy Book’s link to Site of Historical Interest

Swarkestone Bridge, Swarkestone, South Derbyshire Swarkestone is a small village a short distance south of the city of Derby in the English East Midlands. Its main feature is the bridge which crosses the River Trent and adjoining wetlands to link the village with its… Continue Reading “New Fantasy Book’s link to Site of Historical Interest”

Derbyshire Well Dressing

Having posted last week about the Village of Eyam in Derbyshire, cancelling its commemorative annual church service this year because of the corvid 19 virus I discovered another effect of the virus on traditional events which normally occur at this time. Well Dressing is… Continue Reading “Derbyshire Well Dressing”

The plague village

Copyright – Alan Fleming / Eyam Church I have decided to write this post after watching the local B.B.C. news programme for the English East Midlands this evening during which they mentioned that the picturesque village of Eyam in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire… Continue Reading “The plague village”

Meet the Author: Monica With A ‘K’ Saves the World by E.D. Robson — Meet The Authors

Today we travel to the English East Midlands in the UK to chat with E.D. Robson about how having no practical skills, being a merchant navy cadet, swimming, pessimism, teaching, London, and Peak National Park come together as part of E.D.’s past and present… Continue Reading “Meet the Author: Monica With A ‘K’ Saves the World by E.D. Robson — Meet The Authors”

London March 2020 (2)

Had to cut short my wanders due to the health scare so I stayed in all day Tuesday before driving home from London back to the Midlands that night (everywhere was closing down anyway so it’s not as if I made any sacrifice). However,… Continue Reading “London March 2020 (2)”

London – March 2020

Visited London for London and South O.U.P.S. Day Conference at the London School of Economics and made a short five day break of it O.U.P.S. stands for the Open University Psychological Society. It’s main purpose is to provide academic resources for O.U undergraduate students… Continue Reading “London – March 2020”

7 Questions With Author Denis Scott — Esther Rabbit

Denis Scott is an indie author currently writing under the name of E. D. Robson. He is in his sixties lives in the U.K. and is retired (on and off) having left school to work for a few years as a merchant seaman on… Continue Reading “7 Questions With Author Denis Scott — Esther Rabbit”

The Enduring Story of Siegfried

Originally posted on Kristyn J. Miller:
Toward the end of my college years, it came time to select a topic for capstone research. Despite my university’s focus on relatively recent works, I found myself gravitating toward medieval epics outside of the English canon. This…