So there I was, living in the east midlands of England, midway between the cities of Nottingham and Derby, in my early 60s with life about to take a major change of direction on all fronts, including the facts that my children had grown and left home and my parents were no longer alive. Too poor for the retirement lifestyle I would like and healthy enough to continue working despite having taken a three year break before doing some teaching (another story), I needed to find something else.

I wanted something that would allow me independence, but what? Singing was out of the question.

I agonised for minutes. Then, ‘the light bulb moment’.

Like thousands of others I had always wanted to write but never had the time/confidence/opportunity, now I had all three. (not over confident I hope, but who really knows).

But what to write? Ideas flew out like a waterfall. I had studied as a hobby for many years, social sciences, history, maths and education. I had been a husband, father, seaman, labourer, police officer, trainer and teacher (none particularly successfully). So I came to a decision;

Light-hearted fantasy!

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